Our Story

2COCOON was founded in 2017 by Audry & Gemma in The Hague.

  • 2 friends, 1 mind
  • 2 countries without borders
  • 2 fabrics 1 trend… 2COCOON!

Have you ever had that feeling of knowing it was meant to be when meeting someone? Well, we have! A friendship started to grow and by spending time together, fabulous ideas began to take shape. Our passion for fashion and our business sense led us to develop our own brand: 2COCOON.

Our mission is to make women happy with colorful and classy scarves. Every woman is unique, and so is every 2COCOON. We combine fake fur with beautiful, satin fabrics and suedine fringes. 2COCOONs are designed and handmade in The Hague.

We hope a 2COCOON brings you as much joy as it gives us when making them for you!

“I rarely wear coats in the winter. I tend to replace these with layers; a jeans jacket, a leather jacket, or a woolen poncho. And, of course, a 2COCOON wrapped around me to keep me warm and finish off the look. The combination of materials makes the image complete and special. Colors are definitely allowed to clash. Fake fur is glamorous, soft to the touch, and gives that cosy feel. Just what we, as women, need.”

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